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Grief Counseling Resources

Grief Counseling

After Dad passed in January of this year, Mom and I grieved but not together. I started looking for Grief Counseling resources. She said this to me a few days later.

“I have lost my life!”

Helen Sanchez

I looked for support groups and Grief counseling resources. I found a group, and I took Mom, but having never been there, I went in to check out how difficult it would be to take Mom. There was a reasonably steep ramp, and I would have to push her up in her transport chair. I could do it, so I went back to get Mom, and she changed her mind.

She hasn’t cried with me, hasn’t really talked, and I was the one carrying her through. We grieved alone, although I could sometimes hear her through the camera. Although Mom could walk around the house, her neuropathy allowed her to walk before I had to bring the transport chair. I took her out to eat, I tried to find activities she enjoyed, and she loved going on errands with me.

Mom died of an acute ischemic stroke. I cared for her those last few days at home.

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