Virtual Appointments!

Mom had a remote Dr. appointment. Her doctor asked her what she had for breakfast. Mom told her she had trouble remembering. I had written all the concerns she had so she’d remember to tell the doc. After telling her doc she felt good and everything was fine I turned the phone to her list. Doctor asked pointed questions which Mom could answer as a concern. Med was prescribed for one and the nurse will be by to weigh her and labs at next home visit. Learning new strategies to help Mom! Routines are important. She hugs me when I tuck her in and calls me Pispa. It’s my nickname when I was a toddler. Mom is 91 this Nov. She and Dad, who is 93, enjoy life, are mobile (rollators) and can’t be away from each other for long periods. Although I haven’t posted much, this group has helped in more ways than I could ever express. They just celebrated their 71st anniversary!

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Anita Henson aka Winnie. A retired teacher, and caregiver for my loving parents, wife, and mother. Married to Greg "Tex" Henson.
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