Too Much Help

My brother thought he was going to be a big help, because of a concern I had with Dad.  He is up from 5:30-6:30 every morning even when I am gone…just his regular routine.  When we were here alone on Saturday, he and I, there wasn’t anyone watching Dad because brother left for “breakfast” at that time.

I talked to him on Sunday and this morning he decided to stay to help me out from 5:30-6:30 and watch Dad.  

but he was a little too helpful….didn’t get the paper stayed in his room and Dad couldn’t go to the computer and all the commotion woke me up.

I was in the bathroom when I heard the front door open and cars driving past….got off the pot and Dad was coming in the house after going outside to get the paper

brother didn’t know he had gone outside by himself a big no no

He should have gone to work….cause I became the strict “teacher” and put Dad in timeout

Dad didn’t know what to do for that hour…brother went off to work and I have two girls here helping Mom and Dad breakfast etc.

I’m enjoying this quiet time and not having to deal with so much. but this too shall pass. it’s just better for me to get this off my chest reflect and think about what I could have done instead..

I am more careful because I don’t want to fall and break an ankle again, and of course so does Dad I am sure…it’s just that freak moment (fractured hip)  I want to prevent. My help has arrived Lorena and her granddaughter is 19 and we need two people here to watch them when I am gone. I’ll talk to them while Mom and Dad nap.

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