The Alarm! Caregivers Need an Alarm

Dad wanted me to set the alarm on his phone. Instead, I gave him a clock that illuminates when it’s dark. The clock has a warning, but I did not set it. The clock sat on the dresser for two days, and he finally said it didn’t go off. He didn’t need to set the alarm for 4:30. Dad is always up at 4:30, shaves, gets dressed, and goes back to sleep until 6:00. At six, he reads the paper in the kitchen!!!!

Dad was a little upset, and I explained why it wouldn’t be wise. He has an internal clock, and Dad wakes up without an alarm. For 50 years, our dad left the house at 4:00 am to go to work. He wrote a sports column and became editor before he retired. Then he freelanced, wrote for a local newspaper, local weekly paper, and wrote 7 books over the next 20 years.

Mom sleeps soundly. I wake up throughout the night because I have a baby monitor in my room, a camera in their room, and a bed alarm. I never sleep through the night. I’m exhausted at the end of the day. An additional alarm would be a problem.

Testing the Alarms

Dad was still complaining and said an alarm would be convenient. As a test, while they were eating breakfast, I placed the bed alarm in the room and turned on the receiver. Turned on another clock alarm at 8:30 and one at 9:00 am. When the 8:30 alarm went off, Dad was in the bathroom. I asked him if he could hear it. Of course, he said yes and I told him we heard it too in the kitchen.

Caregiver’s Alarm

The sound of the bed alarm when Mom and Dad went to lie down for their early nap blared. He asked what’s that? It’s the bed alarm and it goes off every time Dad or Mom get out of bed. I check the camera to see when he gets out of bed or when he gets out of bed and if Dad or Mom need help. I also listened to the baby monitor. They both have bedside commodes and get up regularly through the night. Mom gets up more often than Dad.

The Clock Alarm

They were napping when the 9:00 clock alarm blared. It woke Mom and Dad up. Telling Dad that’s what I would hear if we set an additional clock alarm finally worked. The bed alarm would be enough. Needless to say, the demonstration worked. No alarm clock is needed. Dad has done very well without a clock alarm for the last two years. His internal clock is all he needed. I use the bed alarm, and the receiver is in my bedroom. My alarm, baby monitor, and camera work reasonably well.

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