Saturday Panic

This past week was interesting, eventful, and yet calm compared to this morning. I have my second eye surgery to remove cataract on my left eye on Thursday. I recovered from the first surgery on the right eye easily enough. I could see well enough two days later. This eye on the other hand, is a bit blurry but getting better each day. Last weekend we went to lunch on Saturday and church on Sunday. My cousin and I went to the winery for lunch around 2:00 pm. Monday was our day to go across town to pay for the provider who takes care of Mom in the afternoon Monday through Friday. We at lunch at the corner bakery and came home. Every day I visit Mom’s best friend Helen, who is 94 years old. She lives alone and home care services are provided for her daily. She likes the company and it helps her but I also check to see if she took her medication.

On Tuesday of last week, we ran errands here and there and caregivers were here to help out. I went to see Helen and met her home health nurse. She told me I could call the office if I had any questions on her cat bite. Helen is ok and enjoys the company.

Golf day on Wednesday. Matt had invited Dad for pitch and putt at Ascarate Golf Course. Mom wanted to go so her caregiver went with us. They stayed in the clubhouse as she and I used to do while Dad played nine holes. Now I have to stand by Dad and hire someone to take care of Mom.

I had my second eye surgery on Thursday and Veronica took me both times. I paid her the usual Uber fare for her help. The surgery went well but I couldn’t see well. I had thought a piece of tape on the eye patch was causing the blurred vision. Evidently it is normal. I had an appointment the next day at 10:15.

Veronica took me across town again for my eye appointment. The right eye is doing well and I was asked to read the eye chart with each eye. The optometrist was happy that I could see the large letter with the recently operated on eye. Needless to say I rested the rest of the day with the exception of going to see Helen for a brief moment. I didn’t stay too long. Mom had called her and said she was crying. She was fine when I went to see her. I gave her a paper and she read it while I sat it the chair with my eyes closed. I was very tired.

Today is Saturday and it has been an eventful one. I go up this morning and Claudia came which I was grateful for, but I needed to go to the bank to get cash to pay her. I ran some other errands and decided to check on Helen before going home. I always call her before going over and I didn’t get an answer for an hour which worried me. When I arrived her front door was open but her door was locked. The dog was barking and I called out her name trying to calm the dog and then I called out for Helen. No answer. I looked through the window and she wasn’t sitting in her chair as she usually does. The TV was on. My worst fear came over me and I dashed around the back door but it was locked. She wasn’t in site and the dog was still by the front door.

I decided to text her granddaughter, Laura. No response, so I called her and still no response. I called Julie, her other granddaughter and she answered. She was as worried as I and gave me the code to her lockbox with her extra key. I entered the house and couldn’t see Helen, called out her name and still no response. I had Julie on the phone and asked her to FaceTime me so she could see what I saw if the worst should happen at least she would be there with me. As I walked around the house we could see that she clearly wasn’t home. We supposed someone may have taken her to the doctor. When I walked around to the front room again a car was in front and it was obvious Helen was with them.

Julie walked with me to the car and they told us they (Home Care) had taken Helen to breakfast at the Corner Bakery. Relieved I hung up with Julie, said a few words to the home care providers and Helen and came home.

Returning from Breakfast at the Corner Bakery

When I arrived home Bobby (Dad’s friend) was at the door. LOL. Mom and Dad were napping and got up when Bobby entered the house. They went to the dining room and had a chat. Claudia had been taking care of Mom all morning. It was almost noon so I paid her and she went home. I fixed lunch for Mom and Dad and now they are taking a nap. 1:18 pm Saturday May 29th.

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