Reading, Writing, and Dementia

While caring for my parents, I learned about the connection between Reading, Writing, and Dementia. Mom loves to read. We both learned to keep her mind active by talking about the book while reading. Dad writes sports columns. He wrote his columns weekly. Diagnosed with dementia, my parents continued to thrive.

The connection: Reading, Writing, and Dementia

Mom read while Dad, a sports writer/journalist, worked on his columns or golfed. Dad’s career started the year I was born, 1949. Mom read her magazines. When I arrived to take care of her, we transitioned to books. As a retired teacher, I used the same techniques. Therefore, I encouraged them to continue to read and write. She read at the dining room table while Dad wrote his columns in his office. He continued to write at 94 when he was diagnosed with dementia. Mom was reading at 92 and had been diagnosed with mild dementia years before I arrived to care for her. 

Reading and writing can have powerful effects on delaying dementia and improving cognition and memory for seniors. It is never too late to start!

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