National Grief Awareness Day supports people more adequately

National Grief Awareness Day is on August 30, 2022. Accordingly, it offers resources to those going through personal losses and reminds us to support people we know who are grieving. Therefore, the day hopes to encourage open communication on loss and grief. In addition, it strives to better inform the public about the facts of suffering. Therefore, as a caregiver, receiving support and encouragement as we grieve this day is essential for others to become aware of their role in supporting those suffering.

I cared for my parents, and I miss them every day. I am a family caregiver. Therefore I was aware of National Grief Awareness Day. It was founded by Angie Cartwright in 2014. My parents, Ray and Helen Sanchez will never be forgotten.


Our days were filled with memory-making moments. They both loved each other. Therefore, they did everything together, and I felt I was along for the ride. I drove them to their favorite activities. Dad golfed three times a week while Mom and I sat in the clubhouse. They attended church every Sunday and went out to breakfast and dinner once a week. Every day a memory pops up on Facebook because I recorded and posted every memory-making moment.

Mom and Dad 74 years
74th Wedding Anniversary

Someone I love has gone away
And life is not the same
The greatest gift that you can give
Is just to speak their name

I need to hear the stories
And the tales of days gone past
I need for you to understand
These memories must last

We cannot make more memories
Since they’re no longer here
So when you speak of them to me
It’s music to my ear

Speak Their Name

Speak Their Name kpgdesigns

 “Some day soon . . . there will be no one alive who has ever known me. 
That’s when I will be truly dead – I exist in no one’s memory.” Irvin D. Yalom      

May we never forget to speak their names.   Ray and Helen Sanchez


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