My Self-Care is on Hold

Many Caregivers have trouble practicing self-care because they are focused on the care of their loved ones, frequently moving from one task to another without any rest. It’s overwhelming, though, to take care of yourself.

If you had a job, you would need to work with your employer and a healthcare provider to decide when to return to work. They need to assess your overall health condition and the risks associated with performing the job duties in your injured area. They might recommend finding alternative duties to reduce exposure to further injury. Suppose you have to continue performing job duties in the injured area. You may need extra precautions to prevent further injury, such as taking frequent breaks or wearing specialized protective gear.

I always had a weak ankle due to the years I played tennis. My diagnosis at 73 years of age was acquired adult flatfoot. I had finally torn the tendon that was so fragile. Taking care of both parents finally took a toll on my health.

The consequences of delaying my self-care and not getting the surgery now could include increased pain, swelling, and difficulty with activities of daily living. It could also cause more instability and risk of injury in the affected area. The doctor said I should get the surgery or wear braces for the rest of my life. YIKES. I can’t do it now my parents need me. The orthopedic doctor suggested braces. They are comfortable, and I can wear them with shoes (1 size larger than normal). I am wearing my ECCO boots which brace my ankles well enough. Never go barefoot was the strongest advice from the doctor.

Whoever advised, remember to take care of yourself,” was unaware of all I had to do.πŸ˜”

Putting my feet up with my fur buddies😍

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