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Caring for a family member can be challenging and emotionally overwhelming, particularly when you are in a different state and away from your comfort zone. My journey as a long distance caregiver started four years ago. I meet other caregivers during our conversations on various social media sites, I have met novices and seasoned carers. Three caregivers and I run a chat for caregivers.

Chat For Caregivers

We are compassionate, loving, thoughtful caregivers who bounce around ideas, ask and answer questions and share stories. Meeting new people and engaging in different conversations while staying in our comfort zone is fulfilling. We have expanded and invited all caregivers seeking support, friendship, and a safe haven to join us..


Caring for my aging parents in Texas, while my heart aches for my home in Nevada, has been a journey of mixed emotions. Each day brings new struggles. I struggle with their physical and mental health while also dealing with the frustration of not caring for them alone. I often feel helpless and lonely. After 30+ years, my friends have moved, but I have a cousin with whom I connect when I have a free moment. She works for Medicare and provided my parents with the best supplemental insurance.


I am filled with sadness as I try to reconcile the fact that my parents are inevitably getting older and their health is deteriorating before my eyes. The weight of my responsibility as their caregiver can feel overwhelming, but it is also an opportunity to cherish every moment I have with them.

Despite the difficult challenges, I am grateful for the time I have with my parents. I hold onto cherished memories from my childhood. I find ways to create new experiences with them. Although it can be heartbreaking to witness their declining state of health, I try to remain optimistic. I focus on the love and care that I can provide for them. Through this process, I have learned the true value of family. I cherish every moment that we have together. I am grateful for being present for every moment.

Long Distance Caregiver Support

Certainly, I can understand how challenging and emotionally overwhelming it can be for a family caregiver. You are away from your comfort zone. According to the National Institute on Aging, a long-distance caregiver is anyone living an hour or more from the person who needs care. I found support through the local Area Agency on Aging. Our chat offers emotional and social support for family caregivers. Join us at Chat For Caregivers.

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Long Distance Caregiver Support
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