Las Vegas to El Paso and Back Again

Here I Am! Back Again August 5, 2022

I am back in El Paso to pick up another load and get my hair done! I am planning my trips so I don’t have to come back so often. I canceled my next trip because I developed bursitis, and a friend I met on Chat For Caregivers messaged me. Such is the life of this weary traveler. A song comes to mind. Have you heard it?


This caregiver has been relying on her faith and stamina to get her through this journey. Upon returning from my trip, I developed a bump on my elbow. I bumped it, but it must have hit the bursa sac, but I didn’t know it at the time. I use my elbow a lot to open the door when my hands are full. I do not have door knobs, but I have handles. I can open the door with my hands full and use my elbow to open the door. But after the bump didn’t go away, I went to the doctor. He drained it, and immediately it was smaller. I can’t use my elbow to open the door, to pack or unpack for a while, and I doubt that I will do it in the future.

Chat For Caregivers and Friends

After this episode, I received notice from a friend I met on Chat For Caregivers, who lives in Wyoming, that she was taking her yearly trip and would stop by. We had been talking about it for weeks. Her brother could help care for their mom while she was away. She had to cancel until the end of the month. I wasn’t ready for her on her original date, and it gave me time to get her room ready. I invited her to stay, much to my husband’s chagrin. “How could you ask someone to stay whom you never met? he exclaimed. “Do you trust her?” “What if…..?” I just had to laugh 🤪. We have been intimate online friends on our chat, sharing our experiences and frustrations, and venting changed our outlook. We had made this arrangement last year, but Dad broke his hip, and I had to cancel. I had to stay in El Paso. I was ready to fly back and spend the day with her when she arrived. My friend and I had been talking and supporting each other, along with a few other gals and guys, for 4 years. The chat site was terminated, and we had to look for a new secure home. We found it!

From my house, she traveled to another friend on chat with whom she stayed last year and also met for the first time the year before. She lives en route to San Diego. We have an online family. After four years of sharing our stories, our sorrows, our frustration, and our experience.., how could we not become family?

My friend came, stayed in our master bedroom, and it was the best visit ever. We didn’t skip a beat. We knew each other. My husband was happy for us. I left a few days after, and now I am here at my parent’s house.

Packed a few things at 4:00 AM. Rested and iced my elbow (bursitis), and sifted through the mail. More packing, and I’ll see how much I can fit in my car. I am looking forward to my drive home.

I am not over with my grief. My parents left me with memories, and they live on within them.

July 10, 2022

I’m not going anywhere. In the first place, I just returned from a trip to El Paso. Secondly, I had to unpack my car. As I opened the door, Soobie jumped in. Hagrid was begging for a lift into the car. Can they help me unpack my car? It was too hot to stay out there for very long, so I just brought in the items that couldn’t withstand the heat in the garage. The temperature soared to 110 that day and 132 in the garage. From Las Vegas to El Paso and back again takes 3 days. One to pack up my car and the other two for traveling.

Can They Help Me Unpack the Car? July 10, 2022

I drive from Las Vegas to El Paso and Back Again and I have loaded my car with personal items I acquired while taking care of Mom and Dad. This caregiving journey of mine is more than staying in one place. Traveling twice a month to see my husband and these two wonderful companions brings me relief. Soobie and Hagrid have helped me unwind and comfort me. They also keep Greg company while I am away. Therefore, I look forward to going home. After a day of rest, I am energized and eager to return to care for my parents.

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