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October 21, 2019

Editor’s Note: We welcome Anita to our blogging team today. You can connect with her via her profile page: @anneda.) 

Just hopped off the plane and took the shuttle to long-term parking. I was excited about being back and wanted to see Mom & Dad as I had promised I would as soon as I got off the plane. I had gone home for three days to see my husband who is 720 miles away.  This is the longest I have been away from my parents since starting this new role and purpose in life after retirement. 

After stepping off the plane, I had plans to stop by and say hey to Mom & Dad before I went to the house. They go to the racetrack (horse races) every Sunday for simulcast racing. Live racing begins in December-May. I messaged my brother to let him know I was “home” as soon as the plane touched ground. He immediately replied, “Call me.”  Said it twice. I was driving and couldn’t respond so I allowed Siri to speak for me. We connected and he asked if I heard anything from Mom and Dad. No, and he let me know that Dad had diarrhea (because of a new over the counter pill he decided to take) and Mom had fallen. He wanted me to know before Mom told me or in case Dad decided to keep it from me. 

When I arrived at the racetrack, I escorted Mom to  the bathroom and we talked. She was eager to tell me what happened. Evidently she fell in the bathroom because she turned too fast. It was insightful that Mom was aware of the cause. My brother called the paramedics (I hope he used the med-alert button). They came and picked her up. Mom said nothing was hurting and that she was okay. 

As the story unfolded from Dad, he wanted to take an over-the-counter med to help with his prostate. Not quite sure what he needs it for, but I’m sure I will be enlightened soon. He blames that pill for the diarrhea he had in the middle of  the night. It was messy and the carpet needs to be washed, which the cleaning crew will be happy to do tomorrow. I was so relaxed when I arrived and now this! 

After sitting with the parents  and hearing the news, I went home because our handyman/cleaning crew decided to put the diverter (faucet) in the tub today instead of tomorrow.  The diverter has been replaced and I’m finally alone in the house. Peace and quiet for much needed time to regulate my emotions and regain my emotional strength so that I can deal with the challenges of caregiving and bounce back from them.

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Anita Henson aka Winnie. A retired teacher, and caregiver for my loving parents, wife, and mother. Married to Greg "Tex" Henson.
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