Dad came home today.  Mom greeted him at the door.  She wanted to stand when he came home.  Dad immediately went to his room.  He sat down on the bed and wanted to lay down a bit.  After awhile he got up and went straight to the computer, looked at the bills, and saved mail.  He finally said he overdid it and went to lay down.  He found it harder than he thought to get back to the routine he so eagerly looked forward to.  He then got up and came to the dining room and sat.  We chatted.  He was happy to be home.

The caregiver arrived shortly thereafter and gave Mom her bath while Dad went back into the computer room.  Not sure what he was doing then.  He checked his email, but nothing interesting had arrived. He wanted to watch TV.  He went to my room and lay on my bed and watched Make Room for Daddy on my SmartTV.  Mom was finally ready and we were sitting around the dining room table again.   It was 2:30 when I left to get the raised toilet seat he needed.  Best I leave while the caregiver was there with my brother.  Came home, caregiver left, and we ordered dinner from Sonic.  They were back to their usual menu.  I used Uber eats to order.  They ate and were satisfied.

My brother and I moved the TV into the living room so they could watch their nightly programs.  Dad has direct TV but I couldn’t connect the cable box to the smart TV.  I will tomorrow.  So Dad couldn’t watch the local news like they always do.  Instead they watched Law & Order (must be there Tuesday favorite) and Wheel of Fortune (current episode on YouTube) and  the next episode of Make Room for Daddy.   He was tired and they went to bed together.  I gave them their Meds.  It’s been an interesting day, and they will get back to schedule but it will take time.  I’m wondering when I can schedule my next flight home.  I will need a break soon.

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Anita Henson aka Winnie. A retired teacher, and caregiver for my loving parents, wife, and mother. Married to Greg "Tex" Henson.
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