Help Me COPE!

Dad/Grandpa failed the speech test so they took him down for the swallow test. Now he gets a feeding tube for nutrition after he has been stabilized they will transfer him to telemetry and then nursing home or home at the house. Lawyer said they could both go to nursing and be together. Mom would be covered with APlus+. They are thinking of placing an IVC filter to prevent further clots traveling to lungs…He was aspirating Transferred to 4th floor he is aspirating and being fed via tube he’s alert and disappointed he isn’t going to Bartlett.
after the swallow test they are feeding him through a tube. He will have enough energy soon. He is alert and doing OK. Moved to telemetry 4 an hour ago. Now it is 3:05. We arrived at 1:05 and couldn’t see him and Mom and I are with him now. Nurse arrived at 3:06 Mom is thanking everyone and is pleased to meet them. The doctor requested a sitter for him. They work 12 hour shifts and stay with him. He is asking for water and he can’t have any yet.

Update Dr. Minn is going to check on Dad about the IVC filter which will prevent clots going to lungs. He will schedule procedure for it after he gets updated. Dad gets anxious when we are there. He still has pneumonia but it isn’t as bad…the blood clots formed due to the covid (Booster) is known to do that.

Dad is on blood thinners and the clots will dissolve…the body dissolves them…

He will be better soon and will be transferred but it is not known when or where to at this time. REHAB, Nursing home or home.
Dad has several issues while eating
He is being fed through a tube and
I walked in the room and he asked me to bring him some food. He’s hungry. This condition is called aspiration and intralaryngeal penetration (food gets trapped in the larynx and could eventually go to the lungs). Hopefully this will be resolved. But it is worse since Dad/Grandpa is in a confused state due to the treatments received.

told Grandma/Mom. I was frank with her. She says I will go where I need to be. Ok I’m thinking future.

Update 1/9/22

Uncle Vic was with Dad/Grandpa before I went to see him. He talked to doctor, nurses most of the day while I took care of Mom/Grandma I arrived and Vic/Uncle Vic was still in the room…but he informed me. Dad/Grandpa is taking antibiotics for pneumonia which is caused by a bacteria that is fairly fierce when I looked it up. The doctor is thinking nursing home or rehab when he stabilizes. There will be another swallow test on Tuesday. So far he has failed them all. Physical Therapist came by and they got him out of bed but couldn’t stand long without help and couldn’t “walk” The psychiatrist visited Dad because he is talking suicide and taking tubing/oxygen out of nose at night. Toward the afternoon the nurse came in and talked about palliative care when Dad/Grandpa goes home, but if he does go palliative then the feeding tube comes out. Thinking that is a big no no for me. But then Grandpa/Dad also has a procedure scheduled on Tuesday to keep the blood clots from going to lungs. So as Grandpa/Dad says “it’s all gobbledygook”. He says that when he wants a drink of water and they tell him why he can’t. He is aspirating and food gets trapped in larynx….body is fighting the pneumonia and it is too much for him to exercise those swallow muscles. It doesn’t sound good at this point but we will know more tomorrow.

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