Happy Anniversary-Generations of Couples in my Life

Mourning the Loss of My Parents but Remembering the Good Times! Happy Anniversary! My memories are where my parents continue to live.

Mom and Dad 74 years

Happy Anniversary! Mom and Dad celebrated their 74th wedding anniversary on February 3, 2021. I took them out to eat, and it was such a beautiful day, that we grabbed a table outside under an umbrella.

They actually celebrate two anniversaries. One when they eloped in 47 and the other when they were married by the church in February of 49. This is actually their 72 if you count the years since they were married by the church.

I don’t advertise that because I was born in 1949. They eloped on August 16, 1947. But nobody knows the difference, not even my siblings.

My Grandparents

When my maternal grandparents found out Mom was “with child”, they immediately made plans for the church wedding. Grandma and Grandpa danced and had a beautiful 50th wedding anniversary. Family and friends gathered around to celebrate with them.

Maternal Grandparents
50th Wedding Anniversary

Grief Trigger

I was planning to have the 75th anniversary for Mom and Dad in August, but Dad fell and broke his hip the morning of their anniversary at 2:00 AM. He had another sleepless night and decided to go into the den with the lights OFF to watch TV. He fell and luckily I heard his cry for help on the baby monitor.

I planned the second (church) anniversary for them to renew their vows. Alas, Dad had passed 3 weeks before.

Happy Anniversary Mr. & Mrs. Henson

We are celebrating our Wedding Anniversary today July 29, 2022, and we have been married for 50 years. We have had so much fun and so many experiences over the years that I am grateful for our faith in each other and our faith in God.

It’ll just be us celebrating. Our daughter is in Tennessee and my parents are no longer with us, but we have our snuggle buddies. Soobie and Hagrid jump, turn, and tap dance, their way toward us when we enter the house. I am happy, I am sad, I am pensive, and I am active. Emotions run the gamut. I am going to celebrate life, our marriage, and all those who I care about.

happy anniversary signage
Happy Anniversary
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