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Tuesday Reflections Caring for Parents

Starting the day with a chat and coffee. Chat started late today, but I start reflecting on the learning curve that helps me manage my daily challenges as a caregiver for my elderly parents in 2019.

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Taking care of my parents and enjoying a little time to myself as they eat their breakfast and start their day. Mom and Dad read the entire paper cover to cover and it usually takes an hour. They enjoy their time together.

Golf at Ascarate


They eat breakfast on Dad’s golf days, M, W, F. He is 92 and still swinging. Mom and I sit in the clubhouse. She reads her magazines and I read my book and of course, we talk as mothers and daughters do. Mom goes through her magazines so often, I asked her if she would be interested in a book.

Reading Keeps the Mind Active

She told me her interests and we finally found books she loved to read, biographies, and mysteries. One series suggested by my sister-in-law was A.D. Chronicles by Thoene, Bodie, Thoene, Brock, Tyndale House Publishers, Inc. She read all 15 books. It was suggested we keep Mom’s mind active. She had been diagnosed with dementia which was one of my learning curves.

Mom’s Panic

One day Mom went to the bathroom and I went back to the table to wait for her. There is an automatic light that goes on when there is movement and it had suddenly turned dark as Mom was in the stall. She called for help and of course, I didn’t hear her. Finally, she banged on the wall and I could hear it. I felt so bad and from that day forward I never left her alone.

The Hug

I could tell Mom was distressed but thankfully Dad appeared and she was delighted to see him. They went through their ritual of hugging and kissing before leaving.


I was definitely training on the job. Dad had asked me to help 6 months before I retired as an educator in Nevada. I retired at age 70 in 2018. They live in Texas. I thought over my decision to take care of them. At the time they were independent and still living at home. Mom was needing more help and Dad just couldn’t do everything as well as he could in the past. Even though my husband and I are apart, I still take time to visit and what helps is my brother still lives at home.

Golf Post from November 02, 2019

National Caregivers Month

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