Covid test positive

Dad is in the hospital because of a covid test positive reading. He tested positive, and he’s doing ok. The Nursing Director gave both parents the booster on Thursday, December 16. Dad developed a low-grade fever and a cough 6 hours later. He was tested for Covid, and it was positive. He should be back at Bartlett Assisted Living after a few days. We can’t see him. Mom and I tested negative, but I couldn’t see Mom either.

I talked to Mom on Alexa Show!

I’m keeping Mom company through Alexa Show. We watched the food network together. Her closed eyes indicated she prayed and continued praying.

Yes, covid hit us. Dad tested positive. The facility rushed him to the hospital. Mom and I did not see anyone, not even each other. Mom and I tested negative, but we could still carry the virus. As a result, staying healthy, and the doctor told us to take Vitamins. Doc suggested vitamin C 2x a day, zinc, D3, and corisidine.

Chat For Caregivers

I talked to the group on Chat for Caregivers and didn’t feel so alone. Praying Dad would survive this for Mom’s sake, if not mine, was a priority.

I realized where Dad may have been exposed to the virus. He complained of a toothache, and I couldn’t get him to a dentist. So, I took him to the doctor to see if they could give him anything for the pain. The RN prescribed an antibiotic to keep the infection at bay. As a result, I looked for a dentist. My parents did not have a dentist. Yes, I told them the insurance covered cleanings and checkups.

Frantically, I called several dentists. Each office I called did not have an opening. Finally, I found one who could take him immediately. As their advocate, thinking about their well-being was utmost in my mind, but I should have stopped the dentist and told him to wear his mask.

The dentist did not wear a mask. While he extracted the tooth, the dentist hovered over him and talked to him the entire time. Dad told him to stop talking politely, of course.

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