Church on Sunday

My parents are going to church on Sunday.  This will be their first public outing since Dad fell on January 4th.  This was a good week with a few ups and downs, but overall very positive.  The occupational and physical therapists for Dad, home care nurse, palliative care, and Mom’s evaluation for occupational therapy kept us busy each day and were very successful.  The doctor visit with the pulmonary doctor was very positive, the podiatrist was very optimistic about the pressure sores on his heel, Mom’s blood-work/physician visit for her sore ankle was also not much to worry about, and Dad’s hurt arm was probably just a muscle strain from too much occupational therapy for two days in a row.   He realized then that getting back on the golf course may not happen anytime soon. 

Yes, this week was exhausting for me!  This caregiver must rest when the other caregivers are here, but I am too busy taking one of the parents to the doctor.  On Monday, I will have a caregiver in the mornings from now on.  I am looking forward to next week.  A caregiver for Mom 6 hours a day, 3 hrs in the morning and 3 hrs in the afternoon, but brother and I are having to take care of parents alone with no help this weekend.  We are ready and praying that it goes well.

My parents watch a movie every Saturday in the afternoon.  They have had interruptions every day this week and might make it through an entire movie with their popcorn for the first time in a week.  My Dad wants to make every moment count with Mom.  He wants to have the best of times these last years of their lives together and doesn’t want to be separated for any length of time.  He wanted to go with Mom for her doctor appointment this morning, but I told him I couldn’t take them both (his arm was hurting today).   I have to be in the room since I am the only one in the family who has access to their medical records.  It’s hard for me when they go at the same time.  He finally understood and relented.  He stayed home with my brother and it was a good morning for Dad. 

Mom and I went through the the usual waiting, after the blood and urine samples were taken, for her to see the RN about her ankle.  We picked up some Chik-fil-A on the way home for lunch.  I called Dad on my phone and let Mom talk to him on speaker.  They are like two teenagers in love, missing each other and hanging on every word during the phone call.  Who knew my parents loved each other so much.  72 years of marriage will do that to a person I guess. As I am writing this, I am thinking of my husband whom I haven’t seen since January 14th.   Today is February 21 and if I can squeeze one day to fly in and out of Vegas next month, I will book my flight.

Palliative care has been scheduled and a nurse will come to the house every two weeks to see Mom and Dad.  The therapy for Dad will end soon.  The physical therapist told us, next week will be her last day and I expect the others will tell us the same.  The home nurse visits have been extended,  but I don’t know for how long. Omar bathes Dad twice a week and those will probably end next week as well.  Mom’s occupational therapy starts next week which means for the next month we will have someone else coming for another month twice a week.  That is a good thing! 

I am looking forward to Sunday.  I told Dad they can sit in the pew and don’t have to kneel or stand during the service.  They always get there one hour before the service so he can talk to his friends.  They may go for that hour only. I’m hoping they can last longer.   I can’t wait until the congregation and the priest see my parents in the pew “reserved” for them at the back of the church. 

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