Caregiving, Free Time, and Coffee Breaks

Caregiving-Free Time and Coffee Breaks are difficult most days. But when you have some downtime, know that someone is available in our scheduled chats, Facebook group, and Messenger. We are a family of caregivers who met on chat. Some have met others in person while traveling and purposefully stopped to meet.

How do you spend your time when you get free time from your caregiving duties?

Caregiving requires your full attention. Caring for both parents became more difficult after Dad fractured his hip when he fell. Taking care of Mom and helping her change clothes after breakfast took my eyes off Dad. That’s when I had to have help. I went to the hospital to see Dad, and someone took care of Mom. Free time was not on my schedule after that. Caregiving is a full-time job and with two parents it is overtime.

Mom and her caregiver

When I have some free time from my caregiving duties, I enjoy chatting with other caregivers while my parents watch a movie, napping, or having breakfast. It allows me to ask questions, share stories, vent, and have meaningful conversations about caregiving. Chat started at 7:00 a.m., and I was able to have breakfast set at that time for Mom and Dad. I would sit at the counter and was nearby if they needed anything while I was on the computer. It was my only way to socialize while caregiving.

Caregiving typing on a computer during chat and taking notes
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If you know that our chat is open at certain times of the day, maybe you can also start managing the day to have time for yourself. This is part of self-care, and managing your emotional health is essential. Caring for someone is easier if you are healthy and feeling good.

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