Caregivers Remain Calm

Caregivers Remain Calm and resume caring recharged. What a day! The dishwasher was delivered but can’t be installed because the shutoff valve is corroded. I had to call the plumber, who arrived an hour later. In the meantime, I took my glasses to the optometrist because I slept with them on. They were a little bent out of shape, and so was I. The plumber arrived a few minutes before I drove into the garage. $400 later, the shutoff valve is fixed, and the dishwasher can only be installed once I call someone to do it. I’m smiling anyway. Can’t fret! It doesn’t improve matters, but I can improve my outlook. I hope everyone’s day was off to a better start.

My husband greeted the plumber and left to do some errands. He didn’t want to be around while the plumber worked. He wouldn’t have been in his way, but it was better this way. He could be calm by staying away, although his calm energy would have helped me. And it turns out it did when he returned.

While caring for my parents in another state, I traveled twice a month to be with Tex, my husband, as everyone calls him. I allowed our two dogs to snuggle with me. I had a little respite for one day before I flew out the next. Long-distance caregivers hardly have the time to care for two households, especially caring for someone so far away from home.

I came home and hardly had the time to work on the house. I hired someone to clean, but I couldn’t hire someone to fix the leaky faucets or the water softener when it went out. Therefore, fixing needed to happen, but I could never do it immediately. Scheduling far in advance, I tried to keep the appointments. My parents needed me, and each time I left, someone replaced me. My brother, for starters, but then I hired someone to care for Mom while I cared for Dad.

Caregivers Remain Calm for the Person You Care For

So much is involved in caregiving. Our emotions get the better of us, depression can set in, or our motivation to care for ourselves (self-care) is put aside. I was at my wit’s end until I found a chatroom where I could share my ups, downs, celebrations, and concerns. We all go through this and need someone to talk to who understands.

We are here for you and to support you in a chatroom daily at We are on chat every morning at Noon-2:00pm EST and 9:00-10:00pm EST. You don’t have to stay the entire time, but try to set some time for yourself to meet new friends who support your actions. We get it!

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