A Trip Home

This is the first trip I have made back to Vegas on my husband’s day off. I have been caring for my mother and now my father since I retired from teaching in 2018. I was born and raised in El Paso, Texas where my parents still live. I try to go home every two weeks to see my husband, pay bills, and groom the dogs. Its my respite from caregiving.

I have decided we must have long term care and my husband agreed. After watching my Dad’s life savings dwindle away, I knew I had to do something to prevent this from happening to us. I called my financial advisor and asked if they knew of anyone who provided long term health insurance. They found Guardian Insurance which is a life insurance policy and we placed a rider on it for long term care. The insurance company needed a health assessment before we could qualify. They set up an appointment when we could both be home. I arranged for my flight home on my husband’s day off.

The assessment consisted of questions related to our health history, a cognitive test and a couple of mobility tests. We had to walk a distance of 12 feet and turn around while she timed us. My husband walked it in 9 seconds. I couldn’t see my time. It was a very interesting hour. This is a decision I will not regret.

After spending time with my husband for one full day, I have decided to make future trips on his day off. It’s more relaxing and when I return to my parent’s home it is less stressful on Saturday.

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Anita Henson aka Winnie. A retired teacher, and caregiver for my loving parents, wife, and mother. Married to Greg "Tex" Henson.
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