Hiring Providers for Mom and Dad

April 30, 2021

I started thinking this arrangement here is better for Dad too. I can stay on chat and while he is in the bathroom for 30 min I can chat with Mom until 8:30. While they take a nap, I can shower and get ready for the day. After their nap, they watch TV for a couple of hours (movie) and eat popcorn. That’s the time Dad and I can talk about important matters and his meds have kicked in and he is as calm as a cucumber the rest of the day.

Me and Mom time. 8:00-8:30

On 4.24.21, I was sharing my Vegas posts with Mom. She was excited to see pictures of Greg and what I had done/accomplished.
She wanted a Facebook page! A few days ago she asked “Why don’t I have Facebook?”

“Do you want one, Mom?”


She is enjoying it and learning to comment, too on my iPad mini.

I have someone every day in the afternoon and now I have to find someone in the morning so I can go home. Someone to fix breakfast, someone to watch Mom and Dad. Their mornings are relatively easy. Get up, get dressed, eat breakfast, take a break and watch a movie with popcorn and coke. Then comes another break before the afternoon caregiver gets there. But who will put Mom to bed when the afternoon caregiver leaves, so I’m looking for someone to cover the three hours until Mom goes to bed. My brother is home from work and he can keep an ear out for Dad. Time will tell when I can go home again.

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